Spa - tted at Lasema

Sunday, July 29

Definitely a new experience.
First Spa and Sauna. First Birthday Suit in public.

For the Rates and Direction :)

Try this and find out why :)

Here are some pics for your reference ( not my originally pic though )

( Superhero needs some spa-ing also )

So Won't - Mrazing

Wednesday, July 25

I just wont.. not now..

Hoping ,

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

Tuesday, July 24

Feeling Blue tonight.

I just want to shake it out and sleep on it.

A very bad night.

Shaking it Off ( bad vibes ),

Halo -ing

The Sam Tsui effect.
One of his best covers.

Where's your halo? Tell me.


Better Together :)

Monday, July 23

It's really better when we are together.

Something easy.
Something sweet.
Something cheesy.

Singing out loud,

Fifty Shades of Tweet

Sunday, July 22

I already deleted my twitter profile "@superkerv" .
 Hence, I'm back again here at blogger.
Well, maybe its time for me to level up.
 Goodbye microblogging, hello again blah-gging.

To start with, I'm into reading this at the moment.
Very Raunchy, Very Erotic, Very Hot.

A good book for your imagination.

If I can have one wish right now, I wish I can be CTG for a weekend. What's yours?

Flying Again,


Sunday, December 18

thanks mcdo shell ortigas for that satisfying cheeseburger meal.

cool attendant as well.

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